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  • What should I do after playing in Hidatakayama?

    Continue on National Route 41 toward Toyama.
    There is a signal called “Noguchi” after about 30 minutes.
    *It will be in front of several SuContinue reading
  • Is there a parking lot?

    Yes. There is free parking. About 20 cars for private use. You can also park the bus!
  • Please tell me the bathing time

    Bathing time is from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm / from 15:00 to 24:00.
  • Is it possible to smoke in this facility?

    Smoking is basically prohibited in this facility.There are only 4 Western-style rooms where you can smoke.There is a smoking space on your lContinue reading
  • About the use of the one-day hot spring facility "Spafuru"

    If you wish to use this facility, we usually give you a 600 yen bath ticket per person.This is also Hida Togenkyo Onsen. You can enjoy medicContinue reading
  • Transfer from Furukawa Station

    Free pick-up from Furukawa Station.
    16:30 at Furukawa Station
    Next day at 8:50
    It has become two. Please contact us for reservations.
  • Do I need statless tires?

    In winter, snow falls and a statless tire is required.
    If you don't have a statless tire, we can pick you up from JR Furukawa Station free.Continue reading
  • What rooms do you have?

    There are Japanese and Western rooms.
    You can stay in a Japanese-style room while looking at the courtyard. This room is popular with groupContinue reading
  • Is it a hot spring?

    The public bath at this facility is Hida Togenkyo Onsen. The high ceiling of the Gassho-Zukuri is open.Please understand that the bathContinue reading
  • About meals for children

    Baby lunch is available.
    I think this is the right amount for children up to about 7 years old.

    Dinner is Oyakodon, Tonkatsu, Udon, DesseContinue reading
  • What are the amenities available in the rooms?

    Yukata, bath towel, face towel, toothbrush (toothpaste), rinse in shampoo, comb.
    The size of the yukata is S, free size (for both M and L) aContinue reading
  • Can it be used on company trips?

    Yes. Available for use.
    A conference room is also available, so it can be used for company trips with training.

    After the training, pleasContinue reading


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