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Rich time spent in Hida

  • Suggestion of trip that we want to recommend now

    The trip to Hida is full of charm.
    Those who enjoy nature, those who experience local traditions and customs, and those who enjoy the taste of the region.
    In order to enjoy the seasonal trip, HOTEL KIKORI recommends a trip proposal.
    • Watch the morning mist

      Hida Furukawa is called "Town of Morning Fog".
      The morning mist appears from autumn to early winter.
      If you climb Mt Abo early in the morning, you can see the morning mist that covers the city of Hida Furukawa.
      Mitake in the distance.
      The morning mist landscape that appears with Asahi is a beauty that cannot be described in words.
      (Depending on weather conditions, it may not be seen.)
    • Kurort Health Walking to improve your health

      Of the two course of "Hida City Kurort Health Walking" held twice a month, "Forest of Morning Fog Course" is a Kurort Health Walking that anyone can easily participate in as the starting point of HOTEL KIKORI is "Health promotion without trying hard". ..

      In addition, it is held at the neighboring "Nukumori-no-yu Spafuru"."Yoga class""Stretch classroom"
      Refresh your mind and body with relaxation and health.
    • Mountain walk to enjoy the autumn leaves

      “Amo Pass an” on the border between Shirakawa-go and Hida City is a treasure trove of nature.
      Half of the year is closed by snow, but it is a very popular mountain walking spot in early summer and autumn leaves.
      This is especially recommended when the foliage is dyed in red.
      course where you can enjoy from beginner to veteran, you can enjoy to suit their pace.
      Why do not you walk in the colorful autumnal forest.
    • Take a Ngative ions shower in the morning fog forest

      HOTEL KIKORI starting point is the parking lot of HOTEL KIKORI, a forest course that is ideal for a morning walk.
      On the way, you can meet seasonal flowers and wildflowers, and you will be healed by the rural scenery that you can see from various places.
      You can have a hearty time where you can feel the voice of birds, the sound of the leaves rubbing in the wind, the smell of the forest, and the goodness of coming.
    • Spend looking at the sky full of stars

      If you step out of HOTEL KIKORI Kikori, you can meet the shining starry sky.
      Find a constellation you know, think about the end of the universe, relax, and spend time like a relaxing and moving star.
      (Some days may not be visible depending on weather and weather conditions.
      The photos are also processed for clarity.)
    • Gattan Go!! de Go!

      About 40 minutes by car from HOTEL KIKORI, an activity that combines a bicycle and an abandoned railway. "Gattan Go!!"
      In 2018, a new "Valley Course" will be established and power up!
    • Relax your mind and body with a hot spring resort Enjoy the holidays

      I want to spend my holidays relaxed and relaxed.
      A luxurious time where you can immerse yourself in the hot springs while looking out at the forest.
      This is the best part of a holiday.

      *The photo shows the open-air bath of the adjacent hot spring facility "Nukumori-no-yu Spa- Spafuru".
      Free of charge for guests staying at HOTEL KIKORI.
    • It's almost like a time trip to the old town

      About 15 minutes by car from HOTEL KIKORI Hida Furukawa, "Shirakabe Dozo and Seto River" in the center of Hida Furukawa HOTEL KIKORI is the most popular spot.
      Walking in the old town makes you feel like you're on a time trip.
    • Play on the natural grass soccer ground!

      HOTEL KIKORI full-scale soccer ground in the area of HOTEL KIKORI.
      Pros also have the environment and maintenance enough to choose a training camp.
      It can be used for 3 natural grass grounds, 1 artificial grass, a training camp, and a competition.
    • Enjoy winter sports

      About 10 minutes by car from HOTEL KIKORI, there is a 100% natural snow slope "Hida Kawai Ski Resort".
      “Snow at this ski resort is soft and slippery,” a popular spot for skiers.
      We also have a "Family Slope" where even small children can play with peace of mind.
      You can enjoy snow quality.
    • Experience the night of Santera Mairi (three temples pilgrimage)

      January 15th. "Santera Mairi (three temples pilgrimage)"
      Hida Furukawa is a traditional event in Hida Furukawa.
      The eve of the anniversary of Shinran Shonin, Enkoji Temple, Honko-ji Temple, memorial service will be held in three of the temple of Shinshuji Temple
      For the event of visiting these three temples, the women who once crossed the Nomugi Nomugi Pass and went to the Itobiki factory in Shinshu, dressed up when they returned home, so it is said to be "the Santera Mairi (three temples pilgrimage) that look like a bride". became.

      Nowadays, it is a winter event where large snow candles are installed in the city, and a Thousand Candles and Lantern floating are Lantern floating away.

      Why don't you experience the fantastic event and touch the thoughts of the Hida people?
    • Over the Shirakabe Dozo in winter

      Hida Furukawa, with its beautiful white-walled storehouses, and the beauty of changing its expression every four seasons are no exception in winter.
      The contrast between the snow and the white-walled storehouse is doubled by the illumination at night.
    • Invited by flowers

      About 40 minutes by car from HOTEL KIKORI Dogtooth violet growing in colony, there is Dogtooth violet growing in colony.
      The small and cute purple flowers will soothe you and make you feel very happy.
      Flowering is from mid to late April, but it depends on the climate.
    • Paradise Ikegahara Wetland on the mountain Ikegahara Wetland

      About 50 minutes by car from HOTEL KIKORI Ikegahara Wetland, "Ikegahara Wetland" in in Okuhida Sugonagareha Prefectural Nature Park,
      From late April to mid-May, it is a mountain paradise where flowers of mizubasho and ryukinka bloom and birds sing.
      While walking along the promenade, you can enjoy the voice of birds, the sound of rubbing leaves, the sound of water, etc., and spend a transparent time.
    • The Fantasy of the Fox Fire Procession

      Every year on the 4th Saturday of September, you can see the "Fox Fire Procession" in the city of Hida Furukawa.
      Wedding Procession goes through the city and a wedding is held at the Matsuri Square.
      Please enjoy the fantastic “Fox Fire Festival”.
  • As a base for "Trip of Hidaji"

    Hida City, Gifu Prefecture, Hida City, Gifu Prefecture, where HOTEL KIKORI is located, has abundant nature and the traditional culture and customs of the people who live there.
    It can also be used for spots that make use of new local resources, as well as sports camps that use the full-scale soccer ground and ski area around the hotel.
    • Hida Furukawa

      Shirakabe Dozo beautiful city with impressive Shirakabe Dozo and the Seto River.
      The old streets can be seen in various places, and it is recommended to walk around the city.
    • Furukawa Festival

      A festival to be held on April 19th and 20th.
      A wake-up drum on the night of 19th, a gorgeous festival stall.
      It was registered as a World Cultural Heritage in 2016.
    • Santera Mairi (three temples pilgrimage)

      On January 15th, it is customary to visit three temples in memory of the virtues of Shinran Shonin.
      In recent years, many young women have been visited by folk songs, saying, “Visit the Santera Mairi (three temples pilgrimage) bride”.
    • Rail Mountain Bike

      An adventure experience that runs on a mountain bike using the track after the abandoned line.
      Round trip 5.8km, you can enjoy an exhilarating experience running in the city and nature.
    • Soccer training camp

      J Leaguer natural grass soccer ground, which is also used by J Leaguer, is right next to HOTEL KIKORI.
      We are also actively accepting camps for players.
    • Ski training camp

      It is only a 10-minute drive to the natural snowy ski resort.
      Slopes that can be enjoyed by families and middle-aged people.
      When the weather is nice, you can see the spectacular Alps.
    • Amo Forest(Prefectural Nature Park)

      It is a prefectural park where you can enjoy untouched nature, such as the beech primeval forest, the Minamata colony, and the wig giant trees.
      Especially during the fresh green and autumn leaves.
    • fishing

      Tanigawa in Hida City is a mecca for mountain stream fishing, and Miyagawa River is a mecca for sweetfish fishing.
      Fishing enthusiasts gather from far away in the season.
      The Nakanjo River, which children can enjoy, is also popular.
  • Nearby sightseeing spots

    Hida City, where HOTEL KIKORI is located, is in the northern part of the Hida Region of Gifu Prefecture.
    To the south is Hidatakayama, which is famous all over Japan, to the west is Hida Shirakawa-go, a World Heritage, and to the east is Okuhida Onsen Village and the Northern Alps.
    • Hida, Takayama

      The old townscape, morning market, Higashiyamatera Town, Takayama Festival held in spring and autumn, and Hidaji are indispensable sightseeing spots.

      About 40 minutes by car from HOTEL KIKORI.
    • Hida Shirakawa-go

      Shirakawa-go, a World Heritage Site with Gassho-Zukuri houses.
      You can enjoy the original scenery of Japan.
      The Doburoku Festival to be held in October is also famous.

      About 80 minutes by car from HOTEL KIKORI.
    • Shinhotaka Ropeway

      The only 2-story ropeway in Japan.
      You can enjoy the magnificent Northern Alps from season to season.

      About 100 minutes by car from HOTEL KIKORI
    • Kamikochi

      A scenic spot upstream of the Azusa River River in the southern part of the Hida Mountains.
      Many people visit during the season to enjoy the superb view.
      About 60 minutes by car from HOTEL KIKORI to "Akandana Parking".
      Transfer to the bus for about 35 minutes.
  • You can feel the seasons

    Please experience the moving moments you meet in Hida while looking at the Japan Alps.