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please enjoy Hida Beef and delicious foods gathered from mountains and sea.

Hida Beef, Kohiyachi vegetables and edible wild plants, Hida is a treasure trove of ingredients of scenic beauty, such as fruit.
In addition, dishes made with fresh seafood from the Sea of Japan are all handmade specialties that are particular about the season.
Please enjoy the taste of Hida to your heart's content.
  • Many Hida Beef Dishes

    Hida Beef all of Hida Beef.

    Hida Region Hida Beef raised in the rich nature of the Hida Region.
    You can enjoy each part with the most delicious dishes. "Many Hida Beef Dishes"
    Please thoroughly enjoy luxurious Hida Beef using only A5 highest rank Hida Beef.

    *Parts and menus may change depending on the purchase situation.
    • Hida Beef steak
      Superb steak with sirloin.
      Taste spreads in your mouth to melt away.
    • Hida Beef shabu-shabu
      Shabu-shabu Tomosankaku (thigh meat).
      The taste of red meat spreads throughout your mouth.
    • Hida Beef tongue
      The tongue has a firm texture, and one more piece and chopsticks are recommended.
    • Hida Beef roast beef
      A roast beef that is lean and soft with lots of sashimi.
    • Hida Beef
      You can refresh the lamp with Grated Daikon Radish and Chili radish.
    • Steamed radish of Hida Beef
      Soft meat that can be loosened with chopsticks.
    • Hida Beef nigiri
      Shintama (thigh meat).
      It is crunchy and soft meat.
  • Kaiseki Meal

    • Seasonal Vegetable Kaiseki Meal Plan
      Standard with the taste of Hida.
      Rich natural and nurtured the vegetables and edible wild plants of the local Hida Region, Hida Beef and Hida Beef, is a multi-course meals made with fresh seafood that reaches from the Sea of Japan.
      We will entertain you with the most seasonal ingredients of that period.
    • Specially selected seasonal vegetables
      Special kaiseki cuisine with Hida Beef Steak and grilled nigiri.
      This is a multi-course meal with Hida ingredients and seafood from the Sea of Japan along with Hida Beef steak and nigiri.
      Recommended for those who want to enjoy Hida Beef easily.
    • aperitif
      We offer an aperitif that matches the season.
      Sakura in spring, Ume and apricot in summer, La France in autumn, Yuzu and strawberry in winter.
      We offer fruit vinegar for those who cannot drink.
    • Rice
      Hida's Koshihikari from Hida's Koshihikari, a dried fish procured from a farmer who has a direct contract, is cooked in mineral-rich natural water assembled from 60m underground.
      It is a delicious and delicious rice.
  • Morning ritual

    Yamazato Japanese food using Hoba Miso edible wild plants.
    Hida's classic breakfast. "Hoba Miso"
    Please enjoy two types of miso, a blended miso seasoned with dried shiitake mushrooms and sugar.
    KIKORI is one of the specialties of Kikori.
  • Dining

    • Restaurant Katsura
      It is a meal venue for guests to stay.
      You can enjoy your meal while looking at the courtyard where you can feel the atmosphere of the four seasons.

      Built in the image of an old private house in Hida, this facility is a profound and open space characterized by wooden beams and white walls.
  • Banquet

    We will prepare a fun banquet using local seasonal ingredients.
    We will prepare it according to your budget, so please feel free to contact us.
    • Large meeting room『Hinoki』
      This is a multi-purpose hall that can hold meetings and banquets for over 40 people.
      【113.4㎡ 100 square meters】
    • Banquet Hall『Nara / Fuji』
      This room can be used for meetings and waiting rooms.
  • surprise

    • Birthday / anniversary cake arrangements
      How about a surprise cake for your birthday or anniversary celebration?
      We will arrange by reservation.

      The cake is made by “patisserie matsuki” which is popular locally.
      We will prepare a cake that meets your requirements.

      We can help you make your trip more enjoyable and memorable.

      *Please contact us in advance for inquiries regarding surprise cakes.
      Please make a reservation with ease.
      In case of urgency, there may be cases where content cannot be fulfilled.

      *The photo is an example.
      In addition, fruit varies according to the season.