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Gourmet collaboration

Hida Beef brand Japanese beef.Rich ingredients nurtured in beautiful air and the earth.Hida Furukawa's food met the skill of a cook.It is the beginning of gastronomic collaboration.

Hida Beef and rich ingredients

The heart of kaiseki cuisine, warm things stay warm, cold things stay cold.We will carefully serve each item.At this time, please enjoy the deliciousness of the once-in-a-lifetime meeting that can only be experienced at this place to your heart's content.
  • Shunsai Kaiseki Meal dinner

    • Seasonal Vegetable Kaiseki Meal Plan
      Kaiseki cuisine incorporating Hida Beef and seasonal Hida ingredients

      "aperitif""small bowl""Dish of vinegar""Eight inches""Strong appetizer""sashimi""Fired food""pottery""Fried food""Fish"

      *The contents may change depending on the supply situation.
    • Hida Beef kaiseki cuisine
      Kaiseki cuisine using several types of rare cuts of A5 grade beef

      "aperitif""First course""Eight inches""Strong appetizer""sashimi""Hot dishes""Oshigi""Fried food""Fish"

      *The contents may change depending on the supply situation.
  • "Morning set" breakfast

    "Morning Gozen" is a Japanese dish of Yamazato with wild vegetables added to Hoba Miso
    We use original miso, which is a blend of two types of miso from local Hida.
  • Dinner example for children (infants)

    A kids meal will be provided for infants (50% of the adult price).

    *Lower grade elementary school students(70% of adult rate)
     If requested in advance, it is possible to change to a child (infant) dinner.
     In that case, please understand that the fee will be the fee for elementary school students.
    (Note:If you wish to change to a kids meal, please inquire by 16:00 3 days before your stay.)
  • Birthday Surprise for various anniversaries

    How about a surprise cake for celebrations such as birthdays and anniversaries? We will arrange by reservation.

    The cake is made by Patisserie Matsuki, a popular pastry shop in Hida Furukawa

    We will help you to make your time at HOTEL KIKORI

    *Please contact us in advance by phone or email.
    *The photo is an example.
  • About the banquet

    We will prepare fun banquet dishes using seasonal ingredients.
    We will prepare it according to your budget, so please feel free to contact us.
  • About the dining venue

    The venue for dinner and breakfast is the restaurant "Katsura" overlooking the courtyard.It is large enough that you can avoid the crowds when you eat.
  • About dealing with allergies

    HOTEL KIKORI, we will respond as follows when customers with food allergies use meals.

    In the kitchen, all dishes are prepared in the same kitchen, and the same cleaning equipment is used.In addition, tableware and cooking utensils are shared with other dishes.Please understand that due to the facility environment in the kitchen, our hotel's response to food allergies is limited, and we cannot provide dishes that are completely free of allergens.
    When we receive a consultation regarding food allergies from our customers, we will prepare it within the range that we can provide, but please consult with your physical condition and your doctor before making a decision.