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Operating company

Yui Hida Co., Ltd.

HOTEL KIKORI is operated by Hida Accommodation Division.Through the creation of new value in the region, we aim to meet the expectations of the region and society and to develop the economy and tourism of Hida City

Company Profile

Company name
Hida Yui Inc.

President and CEO
Hirokazu Nakahata

November 2, 2015

Capital/Capital reserve
100 million yen/100 million yen

Business content
Ryokan business,Travel industry,Restaurant business,Cableway business,Sports and leisure facility operation management,Various contract businesses

main office
324 Tsunogawa, Kawai-cho, Hida City, Gifu Prefecture 509-4301
TEL 0577-65-2080
FAX 0577-65-2202

1400-1 1400-1 Kurouchi, Furukawa Town, Hida City, Gifu Prefecture
TEL 0577-75-3311