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Deputy manager candidate,Recruitment of cooking staff

HOTEL KIKORI Kikori is planning to recruit deputy manager candidates and cooking staff for the expansion of business in Reiwa 4 years.This facility is operated by Hida City, Hida City Hida Co., Ltd., a third sector company established in 2016 with investment from a local financial institution.https://www.hidayui

1,Deputy manager candidate
You will be engaged in general management of operations in the work of supporting the manager.Since we are a small company, you will be engaged in a wide range of tasks from cleaning to customer service as well as management.

*Experience working at accommodation facilities
*OTA operation skills
*English proficiency required for accommodation business
(You can reply to e-mails and serve customers at the front desk, regardless of the TOEIC score.)
*U-turn,I turn welcome
*What I like about the hospitality business

2,Cooking staff
You will be engaged in cooking at the hotel and related facilities.A cook license is not required.

*Experience working at a Japanese restaurant
*Those who like cooking and customer service

Employment status
After the trial period specified by our company ends, we will shift to an annual salary system employee with a one-year contract or a full-time employee

There may be changes due to the influence of the new coronavirus, such as a state of emergency.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email.

Hida Accommodation Business
Recruiter Nakatani